How To Successful Plan The Perfect Bathroom Installation!

How To Successful Plan The Perfect Bathroom Installation

How to successfully plan the perfect bathroom installation is all in the planning! If you are considering a new bathroom or toilet we are going to tell you the best way to do it.

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Research The items You Wish To Install – Your Perfect Wish List!

The best and first place to research is via visiting showrooms, catalogs, etc.  Moreover, make sure the items that you place on your dream list are available in the style of fittings, colours, and quantity you’ll need.  On completion of the list and you’ve narrowed down the items; cost how much it will all cost and what your available budget is- can you afford it?

Do You Want a Modern Wet Room Or a Traditional Bathroom?

We all know that a ‘soak’ in a traditional bathtub is one of life’s great pleasures, there are a number of great tub shapes that will suit your budget. But if this isn’t your style then a modern-day ‘wet room’ might be your choice  A ‘wet rooms’ are a popular and practical choice for busy homes with limited space and are extremely practical for that  ‘busy lifestyle’

Determine How Big Your Budget Is (and stick to it)

When you have determined what  ‘dream bathroom’ you are after, it is very important to determine how big (or not) your budget is.  Without a doubt, the amount of money you have available will determine just how luxurious your ‘bath time’ will be, but you should not overspend by too much- don’t forget it might be worthwhile speaking to a plumber to get an idea of installation cost ( ATB Plumbing & Heating provide a free consultation, that will help answer all  ‘what will it cost’ queries and will be able to give you a realistic estimate of all the costs and items you may not have thought about.  Further, ATB  would be able to give invaluable advice on how to implement your dream bathroom and the best way to plan its installation.

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Draw Out Where You Would Like Everything To Go

Generally, most of us configure how we would like our bathroom installation to look in our heads, but once this aspect/phase is completed, it is important to put it on paper via a drawing/sketch.  This is just a simple drawing that you can show your installer (plumber) that shows the layout of the items and where they should be positioned  It is more than likely that, if it is a traditional bathroom install (replacing the old) it will be being fitted in the same location as the older bath, as it will reduce cost if the replacement is using the previous water and waste pipes, whereas a new location would involve more work (and costs)  to create new water and waste pipes inlet and exit points etc.

Now, You’ll Need A Competent Plumber Who ‘Knows His Onions’, Well Spanners!

One of the most important considerations is ‘who is going to fit your dream bathroom’?  Therefore it is important that during your research that you ask around  (friends and family) if they know a ‘good local plumber’? A plumber who is experienced and reliable to get the job done to your specifications (Your dream install).  At ATB Plumbing & Heating, we have/ are exactly what you are looking for; an experienced, reliable, and local plumber who is able to provide you with a great bathroom installation experience; anything from installing a sink, bidet, bubbling bath, or a heated towel rail.  Moreover,  ATB Plumbing & Heating will make sure that the entire fitting process is slick, simple, hassle-free, and within your budget. Interested?  Get in touch with Alec at ATB Plumbing & Heating via our contact us form or, simply just call on 07730 735174. We will look forward to working with you on your dream bathroom installation.

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