Is Your Central Heating Boiler Ready For Winter?

Is Your Central Heating Boiler Ready For Winter?

Now is the time to get your central heating boiler ready for winter as you will probably have noticed that the nights are getting chiller, particularly from the end of October onwards and with frosts each morning. These are undoubtedly the signs that winter is nearly upon us!  Before you turn on your central heating boiler, you might consider that this is now the time to have your boiler serviced before you place the high demand your home will require of it over the winter.

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Why Might A Boiler Service Be Important?

There are numerous reasons why servicing your central heating boiler with an annual service. But it is an, extremely important aspect of home comfort for all the family and it offers you other benefits (hot water), but moreover:


It Will Keep Your Home And Family ‘Gas Safe’

Within its annual service, the ‘Gas Safe’ engineer will carry out a comprehensive series of gas safety checks to ensure your central heating boiler is working efficiently and safely: This will include our carbon monoxide inspection and appliance test.

Without A Doubt, We Can Guarantee It Will Lower Energy Bills.

The older a central heating boiler becomes, or is broken, it will require more fuel (Gas)  to heat your home and water. Moreover, it will increase your annual energy bills, however, when a boiler undergoes a regular annual service your boiler it ensures it will be maintained in an efficient condition, and thereby maintaining its current fuel costs, or even reduce your bills.

How  To Prevent Boiler Breakdowns

If at any time you discover you are without hot water or your heating circulation has ceased operating during the winter, is a serious inconvenience for all the family!   In order to prevent unexpected breakdowns /problems from happening, it is recommended that all homes get their central heating boiler serviced before we enter the depths of winter…

Validation Of Manufactures Warranties

Modern-day central heating boilers will include a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover many mechanical faults that might develop within the boiler. Notwithstanding, manufacturers warranties are, usually, valid, only, as long as you maintain your servicing schedule on the boiler by a ‘Gas Safe’ registered engineer. If this is not the case, you will risk the loss of protection that their (manufacturer) warranty bestows, thereby you may have to pay for the repairs.


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Why Not Book Your Central Heating Boiler Service Today With Us!

In order to ensure your home remains warm and ‘toastie’ throughout the winter months, why not consider booking-in a central heating boiler service with us for that peace of mind?  As you will imagine, the autumn and winter seasons are busy times for we heating engineers, so an early call to us on 07730 735174 will guarantee an early appointment and a visit from Alec of ATB Plumbing & Heating.

 ATB Plumbing & Heating will ensure your central heating boiler and system is working effectively and efficiently: identify any potential mechanical or gas issues and rectify them. Try not to wait too late…; book your central heating boiler service today by either contacting us via email or, simply call Alec at ATB plumbing & Heating today.

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